Hieronder vindt je een lijstje van alle introducties die Joe heeft geschreven:

Cover: Titel en Auteur: Introductietitel:
Baltimore – The Plague Ships
Mignola, Golden & Stenbeck
Back from the Dead
Behind You
Brian Coldrick
When You Are Alone
You Are Never Alone
Chamber of Chills volume 1
Harvey Horrors collected works
Al Avison
Weird worlds! Strange customs! and tricks to mystify your friends!
A frankly fetid foreword
The Goon in a Place of Heartache and Grief
Eric Powell
Ain’t Nothing as Complicated as it Seems
Incognito – Bad Influences
Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips
Under the Influence
The Land at the End of the Working Day
Peter Crowther
Front-Page McGuffin & The Greatest Story Never Told
The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition
Ray Bradbury
Undiscovered Mars, Unseen Bradbury
A Little Silver Book of Sharp Shiny Slivers
Joe Hill
In the Church of Pop Culture: An Introduction
Nothing O’Clock
 Neil Gaiman
‘Afterword’ door Joe Hill
  Voice of the Fire
 Alan Moore
Remember, Remember: An Introduction to Voice of the Fire