Joe Hill’s The Cape: Fallen
Writer: Jason Ciaramella
Art: Zach Howard

Not only did I have the opportunity to interview Zach about his work and the new comic The Cape: Fallen, but I also have a preview here exclusively from the first three pages of the first issue thanks to the good folks at IDW! The previous months we were able to follow a lot on the social media of Zach through teasers of his work (especially a lot of foliage), but now we finaly get to see some finished work. The fabulous linework of Zach panelwide and as a bonus, beautifully colored by Nelson! Is it striking that I am a fanboy? Who wouldn’t!

In the first part of The Cape in 2010, we got to know Eric and how he finds out that the cape he played with as a child has a wonderful quality, and how he, as a young adult, can use it again – or rather abuse it. With the prequel, The Cape 1969 in 2012, we saw how his father first comes into contact with the wonder that the cape will ultimatly bare in Vietnam, and how he also learns how to handle it. But then it is a freaking long wait until finaly there is news about The Cape, and now we can return to Eric with a new ‘adventure’ after 6 long years! In part one he disappears for three days, only to return with blood, mayhem and chaos surrounding him. Now in The Cape: Fallen we find out what happened in that period of three days and how Eric came to handle the capes abilities. It promises to be a bloody return to our beloved anti-hero. but also a look back at better, easier times.


On seeing these three pages it seems that we will be spoiled by comics dreamteam through the awesome writing of Jason Ciaramella, the power of Zach’s art and the colorfull finish of Nelson Daniel (I am a fanboy, I know)! So go on your way to your favorite comicbook store and do not come back before you buy yourself the first part AND pre-order all remaining, while you are at it buy some more for your family and friends and even your pet(s)!

Issue 1 will appear at june 4th (shipping update) in 4 different covers: One normal cover and two sketch (one IDW limited) by Zach himself and a cover by Nelson, which realy looks freaking cool, especially with all four issues together.


I am Dutch, so excuse me if my English isn’t all that good =)