Joe Hill heeft een heel deel kortverhalen geschreven. Hieronder vind je de volledige lijst:

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Omslag: Kortverhaal: 1st verschijning: Datum:
The Lady Rests Palace Corbie 7 1997
The Collaborators Implosion 8 1998
Better Than Home Chapbook 1999
The Saved The Clackamas Literary Review Vol I, issue I (spring/summer) 2001
Pop Art With Signs & Wonders, An International Anthology Of Jewish Fabulist Fiction 2001
20th Century Ghost The High Plains Literary Review Volume XVII, issue 1-3 2002
The Widow’s Breakfast The Clackamas Literary Review Vol VI, issue I (Spring/Summer) 2002
You Will Hear The Locust Sing The 3rd Alternative #37 Spring 2004
Abraham’s Boys The Many Faces Of Van Helsing 2004
The Black Phone The 3rd Alternative #39 Autumn 2004
Dead-Wood Subterranean Press February online newsletter 2005
Last Breath Subterranean Magazine 2 2005
Best New Horror Postscripts #3 2005
Voluntary Committal Subterranean Press chapbook 2005
In The Rundown Crimewave 8: Cold Harbours 2005
Scheherazade’s Typewriter 20th Century Ghosts 2005
The Cape 20th Century Ghosts 2005
My Father’s Mask 20th Century Ghosts 2005
Bobby Conroy Comes Back From The Dead Postscripts #5 2005
Looking Glass, Chapter Nine Cemetery Dance Signature series #1 2005
Thumbprint Postscripts #10 2007
Jude Confronts Global Warming Subterranean Press Spring online magazine 2007
Throttle He Is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson 2009
The Devil Down The Staircase Stories, All New Tales 2009
Twittering From The Circus Of The Dead The New Dead 2010
Wolverton Station Subterranean: Tales Of Dark Fantasy 2 2011
In The Tall Grass Esquire juni/juli, august 2012
By The Silver Water Of Lake Champlain Shadow Show: All New Stories In Celebration Of Ray Bradbury 2012
Freddy Wertham Goes To Hell Smoke And Mirrors 2014
Snapshot/Snapshot, 1988 Cemetery Dance magazine #74/75 2016
Loaded Strange Weather 2017
Aloft Strange Weather 2017
Rain Strange Weather 2017
All I Care About Is You The Weight Of Words 2018
Dark Carousel Audiobook on vinyl 2018
You Are Released Flight Or Fright 2018
Faun At Home In The Dark 2019
Late Returns Full Throttle 2019
Mums Full Throttle 2019
Last Fare When a Stranger Comes to Town 2021
Back to the Graveyard Key to the Graveyard of What Might Come 2023
The Pram Amazon kindle original 2023
A Sign of the Times Subterranean Press Free online E-book 2023